How we do things

Sustainable Photography Processes

Modes of Transportation and Home Studio
In my quest for a greener lens, you'll find me cruising to assignments on my eco-friendly chariot, the e-bike. It's not just a mode of transportation; it's a choice to tread lightly, one pedal at a time. And when a job demands working in a studio, I get to stay at my place. My decision to establish a home studio wasn't just about convenience—it was a strategic move toward a smaller carbon footprint. No daily commutes, just a quiet space where creativity and environmental responsibility harmonize.

I've got a thing for green energy. My studio, gear and server run on 100% renewable energy, making sure every pixel I edit and every light I flick on leaves the tiniest carbon footprint. The edited files themselves are securely cradled on a local server. No massive data centers, just a cozy corner keeping the images safe. And I don't keep anything that won't ever again be used by either you or me. Dark data? Not on my watch.

And about those lenses and gadgets? I'm all about pre-loved gear. Not only does it add character to my shots, but it also reduces the demand for new stuff. Each scratch on my lenses tells a story, and I wouldn't have it any other way. And when new additions are necessary, I treat them like treasures, extending their lifespan far beyond industry standards. With my last camerabody I worked exclusively for more than ten years - and it still is in use! It's my way of embracing innovation without compromising my commitment to sustainability.

Home Server and data storage
In the heart of my home, a humble server quietly hums away, powered by the gentle whisper of eco-friendly electricity. In this corner of the internet, every bit and byte are nurtured with care. Unselected image files? They embark on a digital farewell, ensuring our footprint is lighter than a cloud on a breezy day. It's not just about what we keep; it's about what we consciously choose to let go, minimizing the shadowy presence of black data.

Planting trees
Now, for the green icing on the eco-friendly cake—tree planting. With each assignment, I sow the seeds of a better tomorrow by planting a tree, my contribution to offsetting the carbon dance of my creative process.

I'm also part of the creatives for climate network, if you have a minute, check out their hub, it's really great.

So, that's me—and with you as my client we are the Knights of RGB. Plural! Together we're embracing a greener perspective, as in this specific case - foresight is smarter than hindsight.
So join me in this journey of pixels and purpose, what do you say?
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