Who is

For over two decades, I've ventured into the field with my camera for clients such as Greenpeace, Arche Noah, care Austria, markta and many more. Throughout this journey, I've consistently placed emphasis on achieving high technical quality in execution and maintaining a cohesive aesthetic concept.

Yet, what good is all this technical know-how if my work ends up contributing more to the climate crisis? How can I continue to support my clients in showcasing their remarkable contributions, especially when their efforts aim to make life more sustainable for everyone?

Enter the Knights of RGB: Downsizing without losing brilliance, sustainable yet stylish, fantastic yet grounded.

And I'm not alone in this endeavor. Alongside the superb makeup artist, Willi Derschmidt, who shares my commitment to sustainable, cruelty-free cosmetics, we see the world through the lens of beauty. 

The plural in the name of the Knights includes you, our clients. Together, we are more effective and sustainable, and that makes all the difference. Together with our clients, we are committed to bringing visibility to people, achievements, and products that deserve to be seen!

I'm very happy to have and be supported by following clients: Arche Noah, markta.at, Donau Soja, hutaku, kinderunikunst, PLANET architects, ET-Consulting, himmelhoch, dynatrace, Wortundweise, sosa & friends, Greenpeace, care Austria and more.

Partners I'm happy to support: plant-my-tree, webartig, paul kubalek, wiltrud derschmidt, mitchelbgood